I am rooted in abstract expressionism. I use gestural and process painting and employ various tools to move paint across my canvas.


A Milwaukee, WI based artist, I am most known for my colorful contemporary art on canvas, paper and board. Using a variety of large brushes and various tools…(more)

2019 Sacagawea Artist
Ian Baker Johnson

Ian Baker Johnson, the 2019 selected Sacagawea Award artist, will create three unique pieces of art: one piece will be crafted for each Sacagawea Award winner, and one will reside in the permanent Sacagawea collection at Alverno College.

Johnson is a Milwaukee-based artist, known for colorful contemporary art on canvas, paper and board. Her work is rooted in abstract expressionism. She has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the years primarily to include juried and group shows. After receiving a BFA in studio painting, Ian continued to study at various other art institutions and with other professional artists. Always wanting to expand her focus, she currently includes works in acrylic and oil & cold wax on paper, canvas and board. She continues to work out of her studios in Milwaukee and Jefferson, Wisconsin.

Johnson says, like Sacagawea, “My work as a fine artist… is the result of taking risks, of moving ahead in spite of obstacles, of thinking on my feet, of making quick decisions, of using the materials at hand and of trusting my inner voice to guide me in order to create.”

Professional Dimensions’ Sacagawea Award was created in 1982 to recognize two trailblazing women who exhibit the spirit of Sacagawea. The award is named for the Native American woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark on their legendary 1804-1806 search for the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean. This prestigious honor acknowledges exceptional leadership by “Women Who Inspire,” and embraced opportunities to hone their skills and strive toward excellence by conquering daily challenges through career achievements. The Sacagawea Awards Dinner will be Thursday, March 7, 2019 at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Proceeds of this annual fundraising event will benefit Milwaukee area organizations that work to advance the self-sufficiency of women and girls.