I am rooted in abstract expressionism. I engage in gestural mark-making and process painting while employing various tools to move paint across my canvas.


A Milwaukee, WI based artist, I am most known for my colorful contemporary art on canvas, paper and board. Using a variety of large brushes and various tools…(more)


2019 Sacagawea Artist
Ian Baker Johnson

Professional Dimensions’ prestigious Sacagawea Award was created in 1982.  Each year it is given to two exceptional trailblazing women.  These women have helped others along the way and have embraced opportunities to hone their skills and work with excellence to conquer daily challenges through career achievements.

In addition, one Wisconsin-based woman artist is chosen each year to receive the Sacagawea Artist Award.  The recipient in 2019 is multi-media artist Ian Baker Johnson.  This award is given to an artist who consistently shows skill and originality in an art medium such as painting, sculpture, ceramics etc.  Ian is a Wisconsin based painter who will create three pieces of art as part of receiving the award: one each for the 2019 Sacagawea Award winners Dr. Jeanette Mitchell and May yer Thao and one for inclusion in the Professional Dimensions permanent art collection at Alverno College.

Ian is best known for her colorful contemporary art.  She draws inspiration from the Wisconsin landscape as well as from the many places she has traveled throughout her life.  After receiving a BFA in studio painting, she continued to study at other  institutions and with other professional artists.  Ian currently works with acrylics on canvas as well as with oil & cold wax on paper or board. She has participated in numerous juried exhibitions throughout the years. 

Johnson says, like Sacagawea, “My work as a fine artist… is the result of taking risks, of moving ahead in spite of obstacles, of thinking on my feet, of making quick decisions, of using the materials at hand and of trusting my inner voice to guide me in order to create.”