Ian Baker Johnson, Milwaukee-based painter

Rooted in abstract expressionism, Ian Baker Johnson engages in gestural mark-making and process painting while employing various tools to move paint across her canvas.

“I begin each painting intuitively.  By making a few marks, I continue to add to it, as I respond to what I have just put down. I work in a process-oriented manner. At some point, the piece will give me a clear suggestion of where it wants to go and I will follow.

As a painting is nearing completion, my process slows down.  There are choices and decisions to make at this point about refining and completing it.  Much time is now spent just looking at the piece and being with it.  At some point, I’ll see what needs to happen and will adjust a color, make a mark, or fine-tune something, if necessary. 

Owning a piece of art is a gift you can give to yourself. It’s so rewarding to see the hand of the artist in a piece of original art – not to mention feeling the heart and soul of the piece. Keep in touch if you want to see more of my work.”       

Ian Baker Johnson

Shorewood Hub