Ian Baker Johnson, Milwaukee-based painter

Rooted in abstract expressionism, Ian Baker Johnson engages in gestural mark-making and process painting while employing various tools to move paint across her canvas.

A Milwaukee artist, Ian is most known for her colorful contemporary art on canvas, paper, and board. Using a variety of large brushes and various tools, she applies paint with quick gestural strokes. As an artist who was schooled in abstract expressionism, Ian’s work continues to be rooted in that as well as in impressionism, and other influences from the modern art movement.

New Exhibition

HerStory 2023 Exhibition

Ian Baker Johnson is honored to have been juried into HerStory, an exhibition honoring women artists from around the world through Manhattan Arts International with her painting, “After The Rain.”

Ian Baker Johnson, Artist, After the Rain, 16" x 20", Acrylic on board